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January 28, 2020 -- Fred Krawchuck, a Senior Coach at The Williams Group, writes "Building Resilient Families: What Does It Take?" a new article in Family Wealth Report.  


January 21, 2020 -- ClearView Financial Media article in Family Wealth Report "Protecting HNW Families - A Risk-Management Perspective" by Fred Krawchuck, a Senior Coach at The Williams Group.  PDF version here.


December 27, 2019 -- Barron's Article "The Family Drama in HBO’s ‘Succession’ Is Surprisingly Common. How to Avoid it, According to Advisors." By Daren Fonda.  PDF version here.


November 06, 2019 -- NY Times article "How to Talk About the Family Money" by Kerry Hannon features an interview with Amy Castoro, President CEO of The Williams Group.  A must read!


October 14, 2019 -- Financial Times cites The Williams Group in the article "Disinheriting your children might be for their own good" by Rhymer Rigby.


October 2, 2019 -- features the article "Tips to Promote Family Harmony" by Amy Castoro.


September 24, 2019 -- New article by Amy Castoro, President & CEO of The Williams Group in Family Wealth Report.  Click here to read "The Thin Line Between Advisor and Therapist".


August 9, 2019 -- NY Times features an interview with Amy Castoro, President & CEO of The Williams Group. Click here to read "What's Left After a Family Business Is Sold" by Paul Sullivan.


May 8th, 2019 -- FFI Practitioner weekly edition contributing author Amy Castoro, President & CEO of The Williams Group shares her insights in the new article Three Communication Skills for Breaking Through Impenetrable Barriers.


April 12, 2019 -- Check out the interview with Amy Castoro, President & CEO of The Williams Group, featured in the article The Great Wealth Transfer Wake-Up Call on  by Carol Sherman.  We are proud of the value that The Williams Group brings to affluent families.


January 29th, 2019 -- Learn about transitioning a family business from City National Bank article (an RBC company), "How to Prepare to Transition the Family Business to the Next Generation", featuring an interview with Amy Castoro.



Congratulations to our very own, Amy Castoro and Kathleen Loehr for their achievement as 2018 co-recipients of Trusts & Estates' Distinguished Authors Award for the article, The Rise of Women as Philanthropic Family Leaders.  These women are a force in the industry and declaring the future of women and wealth.  We are so proud to have them as part of our family.


December 18, 2018 -- THE INTERSECTION OF CONTROL vs CARE: Engage Family Dynamics To Improve Retention & Access The Next Generation was the topic of a Purposeful Planning Institute webinar presented by Amy Castoro, President & CEO, The Williams Group and Peter Yaholkovsky, MD, Senior Lead Family Consultant, The Williams Group. The webinar was hosted by John A. Warnick, Esq., Founder, Purposeful Planning Institute.


November 26, 2018 -- The Williams Group has been shortlisted for the Family Wealth Report Awards for 2018.  Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards recognize firms that have demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2018.  Winners will announced in March 2019.


October 19, 2018 -- Congratulations to The Williams Group's Amy Castoro & Kathleen Loehr for  winning the 2018 Trusts & Estates Distinguished Authors Award for their article, The Rise of Women as Philanthropic Family Leaders.  Read article


September 10, 2018 -- CNN Money article, "How to plan for wealth that lasts for generations," features an interview with Amy Castoro. Read article.


August 23, 2018 -- The Trusts & Estates editorial team announced today that the article, “The Rise of Women as Philanthropic Family Leaders," by Amy Castoro & Kathleen Loehr, has been nominated for the magazine's Philanthropy award. The winners will be presented at a Distinguished Authors Awards ceremony hosted by Trusts & Estates during the 2019 Heckerling conference in Orlando, Fla.


August 20, 2018 -- Read our Summer Newsletter featuring Top 10 Actions Successful Families Should Take. Read now


September 26, 2018 -- FORT Family Office Forum will feature a special briefing, Will Wealth Unify or Divide Your Family, by Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski.


September 20-22, 2018 -- STEP WY 2018 International Estate Planning Conference, to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jackson, will feature a special presentation, Money Talks: What is it Saying to Your Client Families? by Amy Castoro. 


July 26-27, 2018 -- Purposeful Planning Institute's Annual Rendezvous, to be held in Denver, will feature an expert presentation, It's More Than Money. What's The True Reward of Putting Family First? by Amy Castoro & Sybil Praski. 


May 16, 2018 -- posts new article by Amy Castoro & Kathleen Loehr, Women Are Taking The Philanthropic Reins. Read article  A more indepth version of this article first appeared in the May 2018 issue of Trusts & Estates Magazine.


May 8, 2018 -- The Elephant in The Room: How to Deal With Distrust in Families is the topic of an expert webinar hosted by Purposeful Planning Institute, featuring Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski. Amy shared from her extensive experience with successful families to pull back the curtain on what happens when the kids don’t trust each other, and families don’t know how to talk about their money.  


May 2, 2018 -- Sybil Praski speaks at the Financial Magazine Invest in Women Conference in Houston, as part of the panel discussion on Beyond Investment Management: Other Services for HNW Clients.


May 1, 2018 --  An important new article, The Rise of Women as Philanthropic Family Leaders by Amy Castoro & Kathleen Loehr, appears in the May 2018 issue of Trusts & Estates Magazine. Read article


May 1, 2018 -- Trusts & Estates Magazine will host an expert webinar, Money Talks: What’s it Saying to Your Client Families?, May 9, 2018, featuring Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski. 


April 12, 2018 -- Financial Advisor Magazine posts a new article by Amy Castoro, What To Do When Your Clients Can't Get Along. Read now.


March 2, 2018 -- Read our Winter 2018 newsletter, featuring How to Leave an Inheritance Without Causing Grief.  Read now


February 15, 2018 -- The Prudent Money Radio Show features interview with Amy Castoro on Bridging Generations: Transferring Wealth to the Second Generation. Listen to podcast


February 13, 2018 -- Amy Castoro's latest article, How To Leave An Inheritance Without Causing Grief, is featured in Next Avenue and Forbes online.  Read article 


January 9, 2018 -- Financial Advisor Magazine article (January 2018 issue), Bridging Family Wealth, Generation to Generation, features interview with Amy Castoro and UBS Advisor, Neil Douthat. Read article


January 6, 2018 -- Retirement Savvy, a personal finance and lifestyle blog, posts great review of Bridging Generations book by author Amy Castoro. Read review


December 31,2017-- Click here to read about the benefits to families of hugging with insights from coach and author Amy Castoro. 


December 19, 2017 -- Click here for our 2017 Reading List.


December 5, 2017 -- Will Wealth Unify or Divide Your Client Families? was the topic of an interactive workshop presented by Amy Castoro, President of The Williams Group, to 160 attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors from San Diego and LA, all members of the North Country Estate Planning Council (NCEPC). Sponsored by Bessemer Trust, William Super, CPA, said, "You engaged the audience brilliantly and we learned a lot." Carlee Harmonson, who heads the Union Bank Private Bank, noted that it was the best NCEPC presentation she has attended. 


November 9, 2017--Click here to read the latest issue of our newsletter, Fall Edition: Insights From The Williams Group.


June 8, 2017--Will Your Client's Wealth Unify or Destroy Their Family? is the topic of a special briefing by Amy Castoro and Sybil Praski at a meeting of The Women's Estate Planning Council of Denver, Colorado. Sybil recently joined The Williams Group. Click here to get to know Sybil. 


December 20, 2016--Financial Sense Newshour radio welcomes Roy Williams and Amy Castoro as special guests for a 30-minute conversation with host Jim J. Puplava. Roy and Amy share their insights from decades of work with affluent families transitioning family wealth and values to the next generation, and why 70% of estate transitions fail within the first three generations. Listen to the podcast.


November 15, 2016--The Laguna Beach Community Foundation hosts an Evening of Philanthropy & Preparing Heirs at the Laguna Art Museum with special guest speakers Roy Williams, President, and Amy Castoro, VP, of The Williams Group. Greg Mech, of the Caprock Group, gift the guests with a copy of Roy's book, Philanthropy,Heirs & Values


March 19, 2016--Roy Williams recommends the The Economist article, "Team spirit. Business are embracing the idea of working in teams." According to Roy, "Everything we do at The Williams Group is team oriented and the success of our continued growth and development is because of the extraordinary collaboration of our teamwork." Read article


February 18, 2016--Nancy Ellis, Chairman Emeritus and Member of the Board of Directors at Heritage Trust selected Preparing Heirs as its recommended book of the month. “Preparing Heirs is a road map for families that desire to build a successful family business that will go into all generations of business,” said Ellis.


December 15, 2015--Roy Williams shares insights into the importance of trust among family members in Forbes / Investing article, "Preventing Affluenza: How Families Can Preserve Wealth Across Generations" by Brooke C. Stoddard. Read article


December 9, 2015--The Williams Group announces that Amy Castoro to co-lead the firm as it enters a new era of preparing heirs for estate transition Read press release

December 8, 2015--Financial Sense Newshour talk radio interviews Roy Williams and Amy Castoro on the Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values.  Listen to the podcast

October 7, 2015--Roy Williams shares insights into the benefits to families of having a family wealth mission in the November 2015 issue of Kiplinger Personal Finance article, "5 Strategies to Keep Your Heirs From Blowing Their Inheritance", by Anne Kates Smith.  Read article.


October 1, 2015--Roy Williams is featured in the Bloomberg Businessweek article, "How the Superwealthy Plan to Make Sure Their Kids Stay Superwealthy" by Peter Robinson. The article talks about Roy's decades of research into the causes behind the 70% failure rate in generational wealth transition, and what affluent families are concerned about today.  Read article.


August 31, 2015--The Fall 2015 issue of The Journal of Wealth Management features the article, "Wealth Transition & Entitlement: Shedding Light on the Dark Side of a Charmed Life," written by The Willams Group coach Amy A. Castoro. Read article. 


July 29, 2015--The Irvine law firm of Brown & Streza hosts a private briefing for client families and guests, featuring Ed Poff, passion coach with The Williams Group. Ed shares insights into his work with heirs to develop their interests and passions in order to lead more fulfilling lives.  


May 29, 2015--Peter Brown, attorney with Lathrop & Gage LLP in Oakland Park, Kansas, shares the story of a client family who years ago, took The Williams Group 50Q Family Readiness Survey, but decided not to take action. Brown writes, ". . . in spite of the fact there was plenty of money for all . . . what a shame they did not move forward 12 years ago, as all their heartache could have been avoided." Read full story. 

May 8, 2015--Vistage International issues a press release in celebration of The Williams Group 50th anniversary. According to former Vistage member Roy Williams, who interviewed 1,000 Vistage members and an additional 1,500 Vistage member friends as a part of his research on the causes of family breakdowns post-estate transition, "I consider Vistage a gift to the world, by promoting an environment of openness and transparency that you can find in very few places." Read press release.  (Note: The Williams Group is a family coaching firm and does not offer wealth management products or services.)


May 1, 2015--The Williams Group adds two new videos to its Library. Listen to Roy Williams on Trust. Listen to Roy Williams on Communication.

March 14, 2015 – Halftime Institute invites The Williams Group Founder, Roy Williams, to participate at the Halftime Workshop held at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.


March 3, 2015 – North County Estate Planning Council, San Diego hosts a talk, "The Williams Group: A Deeper Dive" at Morgan Run Club & Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The presentation explores the world of ontological coaches and how The Williams Group uses specialized coaching teams in its Preparing Heirs process™. Presenters from The Williams Group include Founder and President, Roy Williams; Dr. Robb Musgrave, MBA, PhD; philanthropic coach Mark Percy; and listening coach Kathy O'Connor. Attendees may download Sample Philanthropic Conversation Questions and Giving With Goals donors workbook


March 3, 2015 – Hansch Financial Group invites The Williams Group to present a private briefing at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Rancho Santa Fe, California.


February 27, 2015 – The Williams Group celebrates 50 years of preparing heirs by offering family coaching services beyond the U.S. and Canada.

February 11, 2015 – The Williams Group delivers a private briefing for the Vistage Group in Mission Viejo, California.

February 10, 2015 – Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy hosts The Williams Group founder, Roy Williams for a talk called “Engaging the Next Gen in Giving,” in Costa Mesa, California.


January 27, 2015 – Bridging the Generation article written by Roy Williams appears on First Republic Bank's Community website. In it, Roy says, "While money and ‘things’ are transitory, the values your family holds are paramount." 

September 2, 2014 – Roy Williams, Founder & President, The Williams Group, addresses 125 members of the North County Estate Planning Council in San Diego on the topic, The Prodigal Son Revisited, and why heirs need to be prepared for wealth transitions to succeed.