NextGen Collaborative 


Kickoff call:           June 24, 2019 at 1 pm PT (kickoff call is FREE / just contact to register)

Investment:          US $2,800 per person 

Format:                 Six monthly video conferences + readings from June to November 2019


Having authorship, or autonomy, over your own life is a fundamental concern for every human being. Yet the path to individuality in affluent families often produces frustration and lack of trust — all leading to strained relationships and self-doubt.


Research suggests that the next generation is unprepared for the challenges associated with living with great wealth. The greatest wealth transfer in history is taking place right now and is producing an identity crisis for the generations inheriting this wealth. The likelihood of a successful wealth transfer — meaning the family stays intact and maintains control of the wealth — is a dismal 30 percent. This historic and global phenomenon has earned its own moniker: “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”


At The Williams Group, we have developed a six-month program to lead heirs through the complex and often frustrating wealth-transition and planning process.


How We Can Prepare the Next Generation


Preparing the next generation is not simply about teaching them to read financial statements, introducing them to advisors or making them aware that there is an estate plan.


Rather, it’s about showing them how to be individual contributors, both in their own lives and in the family legacy. We want heirs to be able to take effective action, make good decisions and build trust with others. By developing a new interpretation of what it means to be a good steward, our program brings dignity and well-being into the lives and practices of the next generation in their everyday conversations. This includes the 25-year-old who is developing a self-sustaining career, the 30-year-old who is negotiating transactions and creating an identity in the industry and the 40-year-old who is selling his or her idea of the company’s mission and vision to employees.


Authoring your own life requires the ability to build trust with yourself and others so people will take you seriously and follow you. Developing skills and sensibilities in these areas will dramatically increase your ability to captain, crew and navigate your own ship. These are the waters in which we explore and navigate our Designing Your Own Life, Your Way, program.


Our Uniquely Skilled Delivery Team


The program is hosted by three members of The Williams Group who have broad, highly successful experience in preparing the next generation to manage the wealth they inherit. All our team members are formally trained in linguistics and professional coaching, and they are skilled in producing a new understanding of language, conversation and action.


We are focused on, and dedicated to, the well-being and success of the next generation — for the good of our society and the world.


Testimonial - NextGen Family Member

The Williams Group has designed a clear and defined path for families to build trust and communication as well as to plan for the future. I know so many families who did not go through a planning process until a triggering event occurred such as the death of a father. Unfortunately, what followed was often a disruptive and chaotic time for all family members. Our family was lucky enough to find Roy Williams and embark on the Preparing Heirs process. While not always easy, we now feel united, resilient and, most of all, prepare.


For more information and to register, please contact Marion MacGillivray at   [email protected] or call (949) 940-9140.