A Family’s Wealth . . . More Than Its Money


At The Williams Group, we take a holistic approach to wealth. We believe that a family’s true wealth includes the family’s name and reputation, experience and education as well as the intellectual and networking capacity of all family members.  This is in addition to cash, stocks, bonds, real property and business.

Families We Work With

“What you do is good for the world.” Carlo Fidani, Owner, Orlando Corp.

All successful families would benefit from coaching, regardless of how well prepared they may perceive their heirs to be. Families in the 30% “most likely to succeed” post-transition based upon our Wealth Transition Checklist, can become an even stronger, more cohesive family unit.

We typically work with families who:

  • Own closely held businesses, as well as those with equity and real property investments
  • Want to empower their children to be wise stewards of family wealth
  • Want to work to retain the fruits of a lifetime of hard work
  • Want to identify shared values, develop family goals, and create a family mission

All families with whom we work have one characteristic in common: in spite of any difficulties, family members have the willingness to invest time and energy into learning how to work as a team to preserve not only their wealth, but family values and harmony.