We're 100% committed to every family who entrusts its future to us

We have long held the belief that for family wealth transfers to be successful, heirs must be prepared. Founded in 1963 by former San Francisco 49’ers’ linebacker, Roy Williams, The Williams Group takes great pride in achieving a nearly perfect success rate in helping families retain control of their assets and family harmony after the estates pass to the heirs.  

The Williams Group's world-class family coaches draw from more than four decades of the firm’s consulting and coaching experience, groundbreaking family research, and a strong sense of family values.  Our books,  For Love & Money, Preparing Heirs, and Philanthropy, Heirs & Values, have been widely acclaimed as must-reads for families planning wealth transfer. In addition, we frequently speak at conferences and family events about the risks successful families face when transferring wealth to heirs and what families can do to preserve their wealth, values, and harmony.

More recently, The Williams Group formed The Williams Group Associates, an independent firm that supports the efforts of professional advisors to address the non-financial challenges and opportunities of wealth transfer for the benefit of their client families.