What We Do For Families


“At The Williams Group, we teach families to engage in the challenging conversations they may be avoiding and are causing discord.  Our commitment is to enable families to strengthen trust and communication to ensure their family will thrive and their wealth will be a force for good in the family for generations to come.” 
                                                                         - Amy A. Castoro, President & CEO


What We Do

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. By working closely with your advisors, we provide the foundational competencies for managing trust, engaging in honest communication, and building alignment so your estate plans can be implemented as you intended.  While 70% of estate transfers fail[1] (meaning the family loses control of the assets and the family is divided), despite having excellent estate planning, we help you beat these odds by putting in place a strong foundation of family relationships.


Many families are tranquilized by their estate plans and avoid having the important conversations needed to be confident their plans will be implemented as intended.


  1. We reveal the distrust in families that prohibits alignment, stalls progress, and puts wealth and families at risk
  2. We provide the tools to answer the question, "How much do I give them and when?"
  3. We instill confidence that the estate plan will be implemented as intended
  4. We prepare heirs to be contributors to the family, and family business, while leading fulfilling lives
  5. We align philanthropic goals with family values and roles to maximize the impact of giving

Our families learn the essential skills to fortify strong relationships with each other and their advisors. Without a strong foundation of family relationships, the promise of estate planning providing better opportunities for the next generation is unrealistic. We bridge the gap between your intention and the action required to prepare your heirs.


Who We Are

For over 50 years we have been helping families answer the question, “How do I pass on this wealth so every member of the family and the business thrive?” Our family consultants are uniquely trained experts in building and managing trust and communication so wealth can successfully pass from one generation to the next with family unity intact. We have served over 300 high net worth families and their businesses across the US and Canada.


How We Do It                                                                       

We meet you where you are. Every family has unique dynamics requiring a highly customized and adaptable approach. We know our work is done when a family successfully navigates challenging conversations on their own, and each person is excited about their future. They are able to have honest and open conversations on a regular basis and have embodied the skills that demonstrate high levels of trust. Families are able to work well together and have clarity regarding their roles and expectations in the family legacy. We include the entire family, spouses, grandparents, and children over the age of 16. We offer family meetings, one-on-one consulting, and family business consulting.


Our 3-Phase Process

The Williams Group Process™ involves 3 distinct phases:  1) Assessment & Recommendations, 2) Awareness & Learning, and 3) Alignment and Implementation.  We customize all phases to meet each family where they are today and empower them to accomplish their goals with sustainable practices.


Our Fees

As a consulting organization, we work on a meeting-by-meeting basis based on family needs and as long as the family is finding value. Our fees are based on a combination of a flat fee and hourly billing structure.


Let's start a conversation.  Please call us to learn how we can help your family today to prepare for tomorrow.   



[1] The Williams Group