Philanthropy Heirs & Values

Roy Williams and Vic Preisser

$18.00 ($29.95 retail)

ISBN: 1-931741-51-4

How Successful Families Are Using Philanthropy To Prepare Their Heirs For Post-Transition Responsibilities

Following on the heels of their last successful book for affluent families (Preparing Heirs (c)2003), in their new book Roy Williams and Vic Preisser reveal how successful families use their charity to prepare their children for wealth and responsibility. Five major age groups are identified (beginning at age 5) and this book reveals how families used their philanthropy to teach their heirs Values, the importance of Mission , and the need for Accountability. Learning in these three areas made a significant difference in the post-transition success or failure of the families.

The opening of Philanthropy, Heirs & Values sets the stage by listing the causes behind the astonishing 2/3 failure rate for affluent families (following the transition of their wealth). The book includes a checklist, examples, and simple instructions on what parents/families should consider when they support philanthropy, and when preparing to transition their estate. Not only can philanthropy "do good" for others, it can also do significant good for your own children (heirs) if you know how to go about it. Specific examples for involvement/learning for children begin at age 5, and continue through four more age groupings.

And, speaking of others, this book is not theory... it is based on research into 3,250 families that transitioned their wealth over the past 20 years, as well as information gleaned from their study of over 90 family foundations.

Philanthropy, Heirs & Values is another groundbreaking work by The Williams Group and reveals a new reason for philanthropy – as a teaching tool to prepare children for wealth and responsibility in the rapidly emerging field post-transition Planning.

"…right on target! This book proves that philanthropy is an incredible teaching tool for your family once you know how to apply its power."
-Bill Lane , Founder: “Sunset Magazine”

"…on outstanding tool to put into the hands of every family with sufficient wealth to engage in philanthropy…very practical…"
-Jim Miscoll, Vice Chairman (ret.) Bank of America

"…This book is a great tool for preparing the 3rd generation and as a refresher for those of us who started with ‘Preparing Heirs’."
-Jim & Becky Morgan , Morgan Family Foundation

"This book should be the handbook for all philanthropic advisors throughout the country."
-Don Hartmann , Director NAPP/NAFWC (to become “International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy” April 2005)

"… the book outlines appropriate ways to involve children at various ages in family philanthropy…I wish we’d had access to this research years ago."
-Marvi Ricker, Vice President, Philanthropic Services, BMO Harris Private Bank

"…a timely primer…that helps to correct the problem …of successful family businesses going under because the next generation wasn’t prepared."
-General P. X. Kelley , 28th Commandant of the Marine Corps Chairman, Air Warrior Courage Foundation