"What you do is good for the world."
—Carlo Fidani, Owner, Orlando Corp.

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Message from Amy Castoro
President & CEO, The Williams Group

No one has contributed more to the deep understanding of how wealth can be successfully passed from one generation to the next than our Founder Roy O. Williams. Roy made his life’s work about bringing families closer together by strengthening bonds of trust and unity so family wealth brings value and benefit to the world and to future generations.


Our team of internationally recognized coaches adhere to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and confidentiality. Each coach brings specific skills that match a family’s needs, including individualized coaching to address the specialized needs of family members, including mentoring heirs for family business or family foundation leadership. 


As we look to our next 50 years, we will continue to strive to be the gold standard in transforming families of wealth to make the world a better place by building trust. If you would like to further examine or make use of our tools and services, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. 


Amy's book: 

Bridging Generations – Transitioning Family Wealth and Value for a Sustainable Legacy (2017)


Amy's articles:

"The Rise of Women as Philanthropic Leaders" (Trusts & Estates, May 2018) Read article

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"How to Leave an Inheritance Without Causing Grief" (Forbes, February 2018) Read article

"Wealth Transition & Entitlement: Shedding Light on the Dark Side of a Charmed Life" (The Journal of Wealth Management, Fall 2015) Read article


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Contact Amy at amy@thewilliamsgroup.org or call 949.940.9140



Marion MacGillivray
Vice President, The Williams Group

Marion has 30+ years’ experience in nonprofit organizations, corporations, and educational institutions in roles including coaching, leadership, training, professional development, business and strategic planning, program and organizational development, fundraising and consulting. Marion’s academic preparation includes degrees in psychology, communication and a master’s in education.


She co-founded and was Executive Director for ten years of a home for abused and abandoned children. Marion became highly skilled in handling delicate interpersonal issues, facilitating challenging family communication and collaborating with social workers, psychologists, school districts, schools, attorneys and the courts. She was also a co-founder and served as Director of Development and Human Resources of ten K-12 public charter schools in California.


Marion’s deep caring for people and life experience makes her highly effective as a coach and group facilitator with entrepreneurs, educators, and families, including blended and bicultural families. Marion’s areas of expertise are in education, communication, psychology, conflict resolution and mediation with individuals, families, groups and communities. Marion has worked extensively in the areas of developmental psychology, family systems, various forms of inquiry, and is committed to ongoing personal growth.


Marion brings a unique skill in cross-cultural awareness that spans numerous continents. She was born in Scotland, and grew up in South Africa. She became a world traveler living in London, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Belize, Panama and has made her home in the United States.


Marion and her husband of thirty years founded and have volunteered in numerous international humanitarian projects, including Zulu women’s groups, survivors of the Rwandan genocide, and indigenous Embera Indians in the Darien jungle of Panama. They facilitated volunteer groups from the UK and USA to provide assistance in these countries and connected business, philanthropic, governmental and thought leaders with these communities.

Contact Marion at marion@thewilliamsgroup.org


Sybil Praski
Client Development & Family Liaison

Sybil Praski joins The Williams Group after a 31-year career as a successful financial advisor and founder of her own wealth management firm. As a trusted wealth advisor, she took great pride in helping her clients achieve both their financial goals and their personal aspirations. Sybil was an early adopter of generational wealth transfer planning that included helping families prepare their heirs for inheritance. Her focus on the family proved to be a major differentiator in her practice growth and value. 


More recently, Sybil has distinguished herself as a speaker at workshops and conferences on the preparing heirs topic, sharing from her advisory experience working with client families as well as offering insights from decades of family work by The Williams Group into the role of family dynamics in successful wealth transition.


At The Williams Group, Sybil will lead the firm’s business development efforts, bringing her enthusiasm, insight and a keen understanding of the opportunities for families to prepare for successful estate transition—one that ensures family values and legacy are preserved in order to give meaning and purpose to future generations. 

Contact Sybil at sybil@thewilliamsgroup.org or call 303-877-3708.


Danielle Hamm

Danielle joined The Williams Group in 2010, and is responsible for all accounting functions, including invoicing, and financial report preparation, forecasting, and cash flow. Born and raised in San Clemente, CA, Danielle earned her BA in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton and is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. Outside of the office, Danielle enjoys running, snowboarding, reading, playing the piano and beach life.