“At The Williams Group, we teach families to engage in the challenging conversations they may be avoiding and are causing discord.  Our commitment is to enable families to strengthen trust and communication to ensure their family will thrive and their wealth will be a force for good in the family for generations to come.” 
                                                                         - Amy A. Castoro, President


Why leave to chance the future of those you hold most dear? Every successful family would benefit from family coaching, regardless of whether your family falls within the 30% “successful” group that will most likely retain family assets and unity after wealth transfer to heirs, or the 70% most likely to falter.

In most cases families are introduced to us through their advisor.  The advisor may see discord exemplified by a family that is “stuck.”  They may be unable to move forward with making decisions, attendance at family meetings is inconsistent, and/or the wealth creator has some concerns about the ability of the next generation to stay together after they are gone.  The wealth creator is uncomfortable engaging in deeper conversations and requires a coach to ensure the outcome is productive.


Our process to bring a family together begins with an assessment tool that measures their levels of trust and communication.  The survey is conducted anonymously, is benchmarked against our proprietary research, and provides valuable information and recommendations on where a family should put their resources to ensure family unity.


We work closely with advisors by including them in family meetings at appropriate times.  After a family has worked through the pending conversations and family dynamics that may be causing dysfunction, we invite the advisor to the family meeting to implement any new strategies that emerge.  This is a powerful meeting demonstrating how the team supporting the family works together in support of their goals.


A typical engagement with a family of 6-8 people includes spouses and children over the age of 16 and with a family net worth exceeding $20 million.  As a coaching organization, we work on a meeting-by-meeting basis as long as the family is finding value. A typical engagement will run between $150-200K and last approximately 18 months.


Don't Leave Your Family's Future To Chance 

If your family struggles with any of the following issues, contact us to explore your options. 


Trust And Communication:

  • Lack trust and/or avoid honest communication. Lost in what we call “cordial hypocrisy” and unable to have honest and authentic expressions of concern or care

  • Inheriting generation spouses feeling “unheard,” causing dissent 

  • A sense of entitlement in heirs and their spouses

  • Quietly remaining distant from one another in order to avoid sensitive issues often over money or control

  • Separating personal life interests and making no visible effort to appreciate the values of family

  • Seemingly adrift due to a sudden change (divorce, health, death, sale of company)

  • Heir disconnect from the family or business, or philanthropic wishes


Family Wealth Mission:

  • Have no shared purpose for the family assets

  • Want to align their estate plan with the family’s wealth mission


Heir Preparedness And Family Leadership:

  • Rely upon trustees to manage the assets, and want to be able to monitor the actions of the trustees while learning to be good stewards

  • Want heirs to find their interests, passions, and future roles in order to lead a fulfilling and productive life

  • Parents and siblings fighting over roles and / or control of family assets