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Our Research Sets Us Apart

Without prepared heirs, only 30% of estate transfers achieve success*


"Early on my clients kept asking me how to transfer wealth without derailing the lives of their children.”  - Roy Williams, Founder and President, The Williams Group


To date, no one has contributed more than Roy Williams to advancing the knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges and risks successful families face when passing wealth to heirs. Over a 20-year period, Roy and his associates interviewed 2,500 successful families who had gone through estate planning and wealth transition to find out why 70% of successful families lose control of their assets and family harmony in the first 1-3 generations following wealth transfer. The study included families who owned and sold businesses, and families who had inherited money. What Roy learned serves as the foundation for the tools and services The Williams Group offers families.


Trust . . . the essential building block to lasting family harmony

The Williams Group study revealed that the major causes of post-transition failure lie within the family itself, and are seldom the result of errors in the estate plan documents. Lack of trust and communication are the single most important issues that undermine successful transfer of family wealth. Other causes of post-transition failure include unprepared heirs for their future roles and responsibilities, and lack of an agreed upon mission for the family wealth.


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*The Williams Group defines wealth transition “success” to mean the family retains control of its assets and family harmony post-estate transfer to heirs.